Gleeson Collegeに通うYusuke君からレポートが届きました。



学校はいつも8時40分に始まり最初にcare groupというホームルームの時間があります。




先週には日本でいう体育祭がありました。この学校のcare groupの教室の場所でチーム分けがされていて僕はFYFEというチームに入りました。

Hi there.
this is fifth time to write a blog.
It’s been almost 8 weeks since I left Japan. This time I will be talking about the school life at Gleeson college and the lessons in the school.
I always leave the house at 8 o’clock and go to school by host family’s car but sometimes I have to catch the bus to go to school. when I have to catch the bus, I have to leave the house at 7 o’clock and my host family takes me to the bus stop in the morning. When I go to school by car, it takes about 30 minutes but when I have to catch the bus to get to school, it takes about 1 hour.

1, School life
the school starts from at 8:40 and we have care group class first which is similar to Japanese home room class.
In this class, teacher explains the information of the day and check the attendance of students by laptop.
After the care group class, we start taking general classes.
We have recess time and lunch break time as a breaking time. So, in this free time, I always talk with my friends and hang out with them.
We have 7 classes a day and 2 holidays a week.

2, the classes of Australian school
we use our laptop a lot and we don’t use textbooks so much.
And also in this school, we have different timetables each other and we have to move to the different classrooms for each of classes.
The classes here are so easy to understand and teachers use the new technologies such as kahoot, youtube videos etc. to let the students understand about the topic and to know if the students understand about the topic or not.

In math class, we use a calculator. This is so unbelievable thing in Japan.
The picture below is a picture of Year12 specialist math class. I used to take Year11 math class but currently I’m taking Year12 math because I skipped the grade.
What we are learning are about synthetic edition and expand etc.
I felt this class was easy for me because I’ve already learned about this topic.
On the other hand, we have English. Business, Science classes etc.
In the business class, we make new ideas to produce a new product and make a advertisement videos of them.
In English class, we make the infographics about the gothic literature
I felt all of the classes of this school were easy for me.

3, Events
there was a sport festival last Friday and teams were separated by the location of the classroom for care group. So, I belonged to FYFE team.
The students who are in Year12 did a cosplay.

This blog ends here.
Thank you for reading.