All SaintsSatoshi君からも最後のレポートが届きました。


Hello, this is the final blog. I’m going back to Japan soon.


Last week, I went to Morton Island with international students. We went to there to take a ship for 2 hours. There are so beautiful beaches and views.


Morton Island doesn’t have any concrete load also all load made by sand. So, our bus always shook. We have to take a seat belt. My friend didn’t take that. As a result, he hit his head on the ceiling and window by rolling and pitching. I was excited to jolty load. I could a lot of experiences. For instance, kayaking, snorkeling and swim. In kayaking, we rode on transparent kayak. My kayak is 2 seater. We could see many fishes on the kayak. However, to row was difficult to advance toward, because we should join rowing power and speed together. We were able to see beautiful fishes by snorkeling in the offing. I could feed a piece of bread to fishes. When I had some bread, they crowded around me. At the moment, the bread disappeared.


We went to beach in the end of days, because we saw the setting sun. We took photos some form. We were looking back upon those days to see setting sun.


I think that 4 days ware compilation of 3 months study abroad. I need to live with friends, so I use English all times and be considerate. It was good time for me.


My host mother is too kind for me. When I was worried about homework or something, she helped me. Her words have encouraged me many times. If I can, I would like to stay here more. Finally, I want to say thank you from bottom of my heart.